New York City Children's book Counting 1 to 20
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This New York children's book counts from 0 to 20. Each number tells a quintessential New York story.
The numbers are written, spelled out, and highlighted on each page.

The three little pigs make an appearance on page three along with Mr. Wolf. The "strong-willed" Mr. Wolf tires to take over the the book. Don't worry this is a New York Counting book and he will not be allowed to do so here.

Local artist, Kip Cosson is happy to present some of his best work. He writes and illustrates about what he knows and loves best, New York City!

New York City 1 to 20 is an educational and creative children's book. Learning numbers is fun and what better way than with a counting book that takes you on a tour of New York City!

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New York City Counting 1 to 20

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